Anti-voyeurism law takes effect on 21 Oct 2021

The Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 includes specific offences against voyeurism and carry a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment:

1) voyeurism, including peeping or clandestine photography;
2) unlawful recording or observation of intimate parts
(to deal with “upskirting” and “down-blousing” photography)
3) publication of images originating from voyeurism or unlawful recording of intimate parts
4) publication or threatened publication of intimate images without consent
(to deal with “revenge porn” and “deepfake porn”)

Useful Materials

OffBeat On Air.Ep.72 - The Offence of Voyeurism

The offence of Voyeurism has come into effect in October 2021. Let’s see what the new legislation is about!