Security Advisory Section (SA)

Security Advisory Section (SA)

The Security Advisory Section (SA) is responsible for conducting security surveys of sensitive government properties such as police premises and other government facilities. Surveys can include both physical and/or procedural security, with an emphasis on providing practical and risk-proportionate advice.

SA also provides security advice on a wide range of topics to the Government and public sector. For example, a dedicated Architectural Liaison Officer provides security advice on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), wherein architects and planners are encouraged to incorporate security concepts into the design of new premises prior to their construction, rather than adding expensive security options later. Members of the public and private companies are encouraged to seek professional security consultancy services from security consultants or licenced security companies.

SA enjoys close liaison and cooperation with many different groups and sectors of the business community including the security, banking, jewellery, watch, hotels, logistics, and transport industries.SA also analyses crime trends in order to determine crime prevention strategies.



The Publicity Section is responsible for publicity on crime prevention matters. This responsibility includes the preparation and design of publicity materials. The section works closely with the Public Relations Wing especially where TV and Radio publicity is involved. The section is also responsible for the Crime Prevention Bureau Robotcop, which is a popular attraction at schools and carnivals across Hong Kong, passing crime prevention messages to both children and other members of the public.

Booking of Robotcop

The Robotcop was designed jointly by the Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Coming into service in 2003, the Robotcop has entered its third generation. In 2018, the Robotcop has completed a number of enhancement and optimization. The Robotcop visited kindergartens, primary schools and youth organisations, and attended various publicity activities, like exhibitions and carnivals, to deliver crime prevention messages such as personal safety, anti-shoptheft and anti-drugs messages, cyber crimes and civic responsibility to students, teenagers and the public.

Booking of Robotcop

Dressed in Force livery, it can move freely and interact with its audience and is controlled by wireless remote control. It is equipped with advanced audio-visual system, as well as an LCD monitor with interactive quiz games and its 100-inch projector showing crime prevention publicity videos to the public. As the crime prevention ambassador of the Police Force, Robotcop will expand its service coverage to reach out to various sectors of the community, so as to enhance the crime prevention awareness of the wider public.

Booking of Robotcop

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Training & Support Section

The Training & Support Section provides customised security awareness training programmes on various topics to government departments, the commercial sector and other organisations that request assistance from the Bureau. It also organises training for serving crime prevention officers, as well as providing administrative support to CPB Headquarters personnel.

Security Companies Inspection Unit

Security Companies Inspection Unit

The Security Companies Inspection Unit (SCIU) of the Crime Prevention Bureau is responsible for the examination of applications by security companies for security company licences in accordance with the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (SGSO). The SGSO was gazetted on 1 June 1995 to provide for a licensing scheme to regulate the security industry in Hong Kong.

The SGSO has been enacted to promote and encourage higher standards of service in the security industry, thereby assisting the fight against crime. The SCIU is commanded by a Chief Inspector of Police, who has two teams carrying out inspections of licensed companies and a third responsible for investigations into breaches of the SGSO.

The SCIU conducts background checks on applicant companies prior to a thorough and detailed physical inspection of the applicant’s place of business.

A set of detailed criteria is followed during each inspection and includes the examination of areas such as training, vetting, operational procedures, armoured vehicle and vault construction, control room construction and operation, etc. SCIU also carries out regular inspections of Licensed Companies to ensure standards are maintained.

Legal Provisions of the SGSO

Under the Ordinance, an individual who performs such security work (for a fee or reward) for another person is required to apply for a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police (SP Licensing).

Likewise, a company supplying individuals (who perform security work for a fee or reward) to another person, must be in possession of a Security Company Licence, issued by the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (SGSIA).

The SGSIA was established to consider and determine applications for licences by security companies. It will hear evidence given by the applicant and the SCIU, and will not issue or renew a licence unless it is first satisfied that the applicant is suitable.

Security work is defined under the SGSO to mean any of the following activities:

a. guarding any property;
b. guarding any person or place for the purpose of preventing or detecting the occurrence of any offence;
c. installing, maintaining or repairing a security device; and
d. designing for any particular premises or place a system incorporating a security device.

A security device is defined as a device designed or adapted to be installed in any premises or place, except on or in a vehicle, for the purpose of detecting or recording:

a. the occurrence of any offence; or
b. the presence of an intruder or of an object that persons are, for reasons of security, not permitted to bring onto the premises or place or any other premises or place.

A Security Company Licence is issued by the SGSIA, and may be endorsed to undertake any of the following types of security work:

Type I Provision of security guarding services;

Type II Provision of armoured transportation services; and

Type III Installation, maintenance and/or repairing of a security device and/or designing (for any particular premises or place) a security system incorporating a security device.

Application forms for licences can be obtained from the SGSIA at:

Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority

Room 813
8/F, Kowloon East Government Offices,
12 Lei Yue Mun Road,
Kwun Tong,
(next to the Kwun Tong Magistracy)
Tel: (852) 2801 6181
Fax: (852) 2537 5118

Further information regarding the SGSIA can be obtained from the homepage of the Security Bureau ( Security and Guarding Services Ordinance, CAP. 460, can also be viewed online via the Homepage of the Department of Justice (

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